High Speed Carbide Sawing


Tsune High Production Circular Saws

Tsune America offers high production circular saws designed to cut ferrous and stainless steels from 0.4-inch diameter to 10.25-inch diameter. In addition, Tsune America has high-speed precision saws designed specifically for nonferrous materials from 0.4-inch diameter to 10.25-inch diameter.

Tsune saw models feature full CNC control of cutting parameters. Standard features on all Tsune CNC high production circular saws include automatic bar loading magazine, programmable part cut length, programmable trim cut length, automatic sorting of trim cuts, remnants, and cut parts, automatic chip conveyors, and blade lubrication system, and multi bar and batch cutting capabilities.

The Tsune TKA 50 series machines are high precision cold saws capable of cutting material from 0.1-inch to 2.0-inch diameter. Models are available for cutting ferrous and nonferrous materials. The TKA50 is available in several standard and custom configurations to suit the application.